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Sarasota Personal Trainer RC Fitness

"Psalm 139:14 You are fearfully and wonderfully made."

RC Fitness is Personal Training that transforms peoples body's and lives. I help people lose fat, build lean tone firm muscle, get stronger, and move better.  My goal is to inspire people to reach their goals and to live a healthier lifestyle through consistent exercise, better daily eating decisions, and making healthier daily habits. My approach is to find a program that best fits you and create a strategy that makes it easier for you to live a healthier lifestyle.  

"Have fun and be inspired every training session and become the best version of yourself!"

"Just some of my clients who's  lives 

have been transformed!

I have to admit my program is not for everybody. Please read before applying! 


I am very selective in who I work with. I only work with people that take action , are willing to follow my program, and are a good fit. I have very limited availability and can only take on a few new people right now. I also am not the cheapest trainer in town and so if your looking for a bargain this may not be for you.  It will require an investment but one that will be worth it!  My track record speaks for itself. I have all 5 star reviews on google, most my clients are referred to me from my current clients, and most my clients have been with me for years. So if your looking for a quality trainer with over 13 years experience and a quality program that will get you the results your looking for and your willing to make an investment in your health. Apply below and I will be in contact within 24 hours. 

RC Evans dedicated to your health and fitness goals!
Take action today and lets transform your body and life!
"Phil. 4:13 you can do all things through Christ"
"Matt. 19:26 With God all things are possible."